Reasons why small business owners need a graphic designer
Graphic designers are arguably one of the most undervalued professionals among small business
owners. Many small businesses have logos designed with PowerPoint of Corel Draw DIY tips. At best
they proceed to hire a cheap designer who delivers a shoddy log that their business could be better
off without. Why virtually all small business owners feel they have the license to cut overhead costs
that could accrue from their design needs remains a mystery. Perhaps, they do not know that their
decision could be a major factor mitigating against business growth later on. Here are 4 convincing
reasons why every small business owner needs to hire a professional graphics designer.

Your first impression matters
When you have only one shot at something, you shouldn’t blow it. Imagine yourself pitching your
business to potential investors and the first slide that comes up is a shoddy business logo. You
shouldn’t be surprised if they do not pay much attention to what you have to say onwards. And it’s
not about potential investors alone. The same thing happens with your customers. Your efforts at
creating a great product or service could go to waste because of the seemingly small matter of
graphics design.

Great designs convert
A nice and slick design is good on the eye. But it goes beyond impressions. A professional designer
can help your small business with stunning designs that would compel them to make a purchase.
Humans are generally attracted to images while long texts could be off-putting. Your graphic
designer can exploit this innate weakness to the advantage of your business. The design of a
website, for example, should welcome visitors and entice them all the way to the buy button.
Achieving this is beyond the work of a website designer. A graphic designer is best suited for the job.

Your branding message would remain consistent
A professional designer would understand what your business stands for and effectively
communicate it in your branding message. There are certain elements of the communication that
even you may not understand but won’t be lost on your clients. If you take a step down and try
doing it on your own, you’ll notice a clear difference. It could be in the fonts, the color combination
or some other design element, it just won’t feel like the original.

You’re standing out from the rest
How many small businesses have standard logos or branding materials? When you hire that designer
for $5, the best you can get is a template and this doesn’t differentiate you from the competition. If
you want your contacts to remember you, you have to give them a compelling reason to. With the
touch of a professional graphics designer, your branding message is uniquely encapsulated in your
logo and other branding materials. Your customers would feel refreshed when they patronize you.
As a small business owner, you should take design seriously right from the onset of your business.
When you do this, you’re launching your business to greater heights. Plus, you’ll save another
designer the headache of trying to perfect what was never good.