Social Media Marketing:

What Is It And Why Is It Important For Your Brand?
Social media is an effective tool that helps to grow a following and convert traffic into sales in a
meaningful way. Relevant content designed for your audience is key to increasing the presence of your
brand within digital media.
It is very important to understand how social media works and the needs of your audience in each of
them, analyzing, evaluating and executing the content, that is why some important tips why marketing
is important in your social networks.

Importance of Social Media Marketing

Brand building
To build a brand, you must provide content or services and products that add value to your customers
such that they derive satisfaction from it.
Web traffic
You talk about the number of visitors that access your website and add value to your digital portal. The
good use of social media will excellently provide you a steady influx of visitors to your site from
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
Positioning (SEO)
When the search engines reference your site, it translates to more traffic which in turn leads to more
sales. More so, the activity of your social profiles adds value to your brand in the digital world. A site
with more external references has a better location in the pages for the search engines.
Return on investment (ROI)
Social networks are powerful tools and marketing them represents a much lower cost compared to
other digital and traditional media. Coupled with the fact that social media is cost-effective, the
approach it offers is flexible, which allows you to reach your target market more quickly, making your
brand more valuable and buying intention greater.
Determine what social networks you are going to have a presence
It is not necessary to be present in all social networks. According to the type of business and according
to the social networks in which your buyer is located, you must plan a content strategy in those that
can report an ROI.
In each platform, the content strategy to follow must be different:
Facebook: is the most social, its users connect at any time of the day from any device, its periodicity
must be daily and requires content, interaction and generate community.

Twitter: the most 'ephemeral' because everything happens very fast (according to Moz, statistics say
that a tweet has about 18 minutes of life, is used mostly from the mobile, its periodicity is daily and the
goal is to generate content and interaction with the community.
Instagram: very visual content, easy to consume. The image is the main content although, more and
more, the small videos in the form of stories take center stage.
YouTube: multimedia content focused on building loyalty and creating community.
In a nutshell, social media marketing is key to the growth of your brand today. If your brand does not
yet have web positioning strategies, now is the time to start.