The 3 Reasons Why An Online Business Beats A Storefront
Now that more and more companies are able to start online businesses, it is time to take a closer look
at why these businesses are becoming so popular. Storefronts are becoming a thing of the past and for
good reason. The concept may still work well in certain instances but there is much to be gained by
making the switch to an online business (or adding one to your existing storefront).
The time has come to take a closer look at the reasons why an online business beats out a storefront.
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1. Smartphone Usage
The average consumer is not flipping through the Sunday newspaper or waiting for television
advertisements anymore. They are making their own decisions and when they do, they want to know
that they are in the right hands. Once they have decided that they wish to make a certain purchase,
they will head to Google to find out more about the businesses that can assist them.
A business that does not have an online presence is missing out on this important section of the
audience. Everyone and their mother has a smartphone now. Ignoring this reality by clinging to an
outdated storefront is a great way to fall behind and this is something that no business wants,

2. Casting a Wider Net
When you limit yourself to a storefront, you limit yourself in a number of ways. Any business that
wishes to cast a wider net would do well to consider the benefits of establishing an online presence.
Otherwise, they are limiting themselves to the customers that are present in the area and that is all.
With an online storefront, the goods and services that are being offered can be shown to a much wider
audience. Instead of being limited to the people who happen to reside in the area, businesses can now
showcase their products to audiences all over the country. Some businesses may even be able to
establish relationships with customers outside of the country.

3. No Set Hours of Operation
The modern shopper does not like to be constricted. They want to buy the items that they need or
want in a timely manner and they are not here for the arbitrary time constructs that once limited their
purchases. In layman's terms, they are ready to shop at all hours of the day and they do not always like
to leave their house in order to do so.
With the use of an online storefront, there are no set hours of operation and the business is able to
capitalize. Having an online storefront places a business miles ahead of their competitors who have yet
to embrace the possibilities for themselves.