The digital marketing checklist for small businesses
It’s no longer news that the digital revolution is upon us. As a small business owner, harnessing the
potentials of the internet and all related platforms is crucial to growing your business. The diversity
of the internet marketing space means a lot of time would go into developing a comprehensive
digital marketing strategy. Since there is hardly any entrepreneur with more than enough time on
their hands, you’ll need to modify your strategy such that the little time you have to spare would
yield mammoth gains. Below are some of the areas of internet marketing you cannot afford to

Search Engine Optimization
More than 90% of online customers begin their experience with a search engine query. And the
percentage of users that go beyond the first page of search queries is negligible. You’ll be losing a
huge amount of prospective clients if your website is not visible to Google and other search engines.
There are different approaches to ranking high on search engines. Publishing fresh, SEO-optimized
content and building quality links appear to be the most effective. You should also take advantage of
local SEO. This would be even more necessary if your business is such that the bulk of your
customers are the people that live within or near your community.

Mobile strategy
The amount of time people spend on the internet is at an all-time-high. This is largely due to an
addiction to smartphones. You would be short-changing your business if your internet efforts do not
put mobile users into consideration. It starts with developing a website that would run seamlessly on
all types of screen sizes. These are called responsive websites. Geotargeting is another effective
means of attracting local clients through their mobile devices. Your ads on Facebook and other
platforms should be geo-targeted.

Video content
The widespread availability of fast internet means more users are open to watching videos. Every
month, people spend more than 3 billion hours watching YouTube videos. You stand to gain
immensely from an internet marketing strategy that employs video content. Create engaging videos
that can easily grab the attention of your clients and distribute them across social media platforms.
Remember, internet users are not famous for their long attention spans. You’ll do your business a lot
of good if you can pass your message within a very short period of time.

Observe your competitors
Your competitors are not your enemy. If you have anyone in your niche that is worthy of emulating,
do well to adopt their strategies. However, you should know that a blind adoption would be obvious.
Study what your competitor is doing right and see how your business can benefit from it. And you
should always strive to improve whatever you’re adopting. It’s the only way you can get bigger than
your competitor.
Internet marketing could prove difficult to master. It gets worse when you do not have enough time
to invest into the cause. For best results, you might consider hiring an internet marketing expert.
Your business would benefit from the professional touch.