Example One Information Architecture
& User Experience
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What does it do and how does it help to live more comfortable for us?  Below is a short definition to have a better understanding of what our information architecture does and how important it is in this evolving era.

Information Architecture is the fundamental structure of shared materials and information responsible for adding a label especially in websites, systems, software, intranet and web application to make it user-friendly. Generally, it is the procedure for a website organization. LLG Enterprise has a team of experts that professionally conceptualizes website and adding specific ideas that show the services and product our partners offer. In our company, we help our partners to manage and find the information needed by their clients. We ensure they are put in a specific location including the contents required for the best possible way that they could retrieve effortlessly.


Our user’s experience aims more on the emotional level of the user. It is the impression a user has when interacting with a system or web application. LLG Enterprise will evaluate the website if it is user-friendly, easy to navigate or if it meets the needs of the user and all these will be correctly addressed. We are not just about building wireframes and organizing it with designs and contents, the combined knowledge of our developers and user experience will also provide more informative and interactive  website that will establish a connection between our partners and their clients for a long-term

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